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    Show results 2020

    The challenge results from our 2020 shows. (Variety is only recorded for the Variety Challenge Challenge and Stud Buck Challenge.)

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    February Preston 2020
    Variety Challenge Owner Breeder Variety
    1. Mimble B-52 Helen Belton Helen Belton Agouti
    2. Mimble Calla Lilly Holly Maguire Helen Belton Cinnamon
    3. Hawthorn Hypermania toyah Leitch toyah Leitch Hooded
    4. Hawthorn Talks Like June toyah Leitch toyah Leitch Russian Topaz
    Stud Buck Challenge Owner Breeder Variety
    1. Kismet Lox, Stock & Bagel Helen Belton Jem Quarry Wheaten Burmese
    2. Lovecraft Golden Blade Jacob Grout Lisa Maurin Topaz
    3. Lovecraft Morph Lisa Maurin Lisa Maurin Cinnamon
    4. Mimble Babe With The Power Shonagh Lowerson-Head Helen Belton Agouti Rex
    Pet Challenge Owner Breeder  
    1. Lovecraft Oscar Suzannah Spencer Lisa Maurin  
    2. Harkyle Delta Teena Madden Teena Madden  
    3. Galactic Moon princess Kore Charlotte Scott Charlotte Scott  
    4. Mimble Rat that calls himself Jareth Shonagh Lowerson-Head Helen Belton  
    5. Harkyle Desdemona Teena Madden Teena Madden  
    6. Kismet Albert the 5th Musketeer Helen Belton Jem Quarry  
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