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    General show information

    The NERS holds regular shows in the North of England, where you can see many different varieties of rat and talk to other rat keepers. At each show there are competitions for all pet rats and for those that are good examples of their variety.

    Our shows are not just an event for people who want to exhibit fancy rats, but a warm and generous environment where all those who are enthralled by rats can gather to celebrate them, learn more about them and stock up on rat related goodies from our club shop and various stallholders. We provide catering, children's activities, and fun events for the rats and for their humans.

    Pet classes
    At each show there are competitions for the best pet rat, which is judged on tractability, friendliness, health, condition and preparation. Any rat which is friendly and healthy can compete in the pet section. This section is split between into bucks and does and the best rats from each class compete for the Best Pet award. Rats who repeatedly do well in the pet challenge can become Pet Champions. There are a number of special awards given to reward specific traits or physical attributes (for example, best coat condition, best prepared, most engaging rat, etc).

    Variety classes
    Rats which are a good example of standardised varieties may be shown in this section. They will be judged on general type and conformation as well as conformity to the variety standard. They also need to be in full health and of a sound temperament to be successful. Rats entered in the variety section are initially competing against other rats of their variety, then in a kitten or adult challenge. The best adults and kittens then compete against each other in the supreme challenge for the Best in Show award. There is also a stud buck class and a junior exhibitor category. Rats who repeatedly do well in the variety challenge can become Variety Champions, whilst those who do well in the stud buck class can become Stud Champions. If a rat does well in both the variety (or stud buck) challenge and the pet challenge then they can be eligible for the Grand Champion award. This is the highest award given by the NERS in recognition of an all-round excellent rat.

    New to showing?
    If you are new to showing rats please see our article which gives information about showing that is specific to a NERS show. Please also familiarise yourself with our show rules.

    Varieties of fancy rat
    If you would like further information on the different varieties of fancy rat then please use toyah's rat variety site.

    Show schedule
    The schedules gives a full list of the different variety classes and pet classes to help you to decide which class to enter your rats in. If you are still unsure, please contact the show secretary for further advice.

    Show reports
    Following each show, reports of the Pet, Variety and Agility results will be published on the NERS forum. This report includes the judge's comments about each individual rat. NERS adds the rat's name to each show report (and also to the prize cards), as we feel the rat should be recognised as well as the exhibitor and breeder. This also enables people to follow the progress of any individual rat they are interested in.

    So when is the next NERS show?
    Please refer to our show calendar - we're looking forward to seeing you there!

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