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    Fun Events

    Co-ordinator: Vicki Precious
    Team: Beri Instone, Jemma Fettes, Sarah Haggarty

    What is it?
    Fun Events (FE) are the extra things to do at a show. There are rats being judged, food to be eaten, accessories and food to buy, rats to cuddle and people to talk to. However, that’s not always enough to occupy you for a full day, especially if you’re relatively new or less confident with helping out and talking to new people. FE provides something to do (for new and old!) and is an ideal starting point to get to know others.

    Such as?

    • Mostly rat-themed, but sometimes to do with rat-owners.
    • Some are competitive, some aren't.
    • Broadly grouped into types; photos, paper etc.
    • FE also includes ‘make-and-do’; making relatively simple toys for your rats.

    What happens on the day?
    Previously events used to run all day and come to a close when the main show started to wrap up. However that proved slightly problematic when, after increasing pre-show publicity, greater numbers of new people started attending each show. People who have rats entered in judging generally stay for the whole day whereas members of the public tend to pop in for a couple of hours. This resulted in competitions entered by people who had left the show by the time it finished and who weren’t members (thus we didn’t have their contact details).

    As a result FE are now planned so that the main activity finishes early-to-mid afternoon and winners are announced immediately afterwards. Some events may run for the full length of time if multiple activities have been organised. Alternatively, an event may still run but in a non-competitive spirit for the latter part of the day.

    Example day:
    11am: Doors open
    11.30am: Judging begins, kitchen opens and fun events start
    3pm: Raffle drawn and competition winner announced
    4.30pm: Secondary/non-competitive fun event winds down
    5pm: Judging finishes and winners awarded
    5.30pm: End of show day

    How do I get involved?
    Easily; please do! You can of course join in on the day, and if you have a suggestion of an activity or a competition which could be organised for the future, do please let us know. Similarly feedback on how an event has run, wanting to get involved more pro-actively or any other communication is always welcome. Either contact via the online members’ forum or send a message to

    Past winners of FE competitions

    Stillington (April 2011)
    Ratty photo competition: Spring Themed – Jemma Fettes, Funny Faces – Jemma Fettes, Best Friends – Stacey Cochrane, Ratnapped! – Rackie Powell

    Preston (February 2011)
    Guess the number of treats in the jar: Pamela Cook [guessed 260, total 256]

    Preston Cup (October 2010)
    Caption competition: Lisa Akrigg
    Hallowe’en scavenger hunt: [Child; name not known]

    Stillington (September 2010)
    Ratty Quiz: Tracey Mallaby and Lisa Marsden (joint 1st) [10/12]

    Lincoln PI (August 2010)
    Playdough rats: Daisy (junior) and Kate Rattray (adult)
    Guess the weight of the rat: Kate Rattray [guessed 570g, was 571g]

    Stillington (May 2010)
    Ratty colouring in: Everyone, as there were only 4 entries! Raymond Mallaby, Jade Mallaby, Alison Campbell, Beri Instone
    Photo matching competition: Alison Triggs (1st), Lilly Hoyland (2nd), Laura Elfleet (3rd)

    Stillington (September 2009)
    Guess which child photo is which adult - Tracey Mallaby
    Reverse auction for Roland Rat t-shirt – Alison Triggs (unique bid of 1p)
    Play dough rats:
    1st: Raymond M – I loved the use of colour, it had a good likeness and paid attention to detail. The head shape was particularly good and overall was 'Best in Show'.
    2nd: Ellie R and Eleanor D (Twin Rats) – The idea was original and stood out from the rest! The colours were very complementary and their position and likeness were excellent!
    3rd: Ellie M – The colour was the most exciting and this rat had the most detail! The carrot was an original addition! The rat’s expression was excellent too!

    Preston AGM (March 2009)
    Quiz – Alison Triggs.
    Guess the treats in the jar – Janette Rogers (guessed 825 and the answer was 807).
    Play dough rats - under 13 Tally (aged 9); 13 and over Gabby (aged 13).

    Preston Cup (October 2008)
    Jenga – Rowena and Beth
    Photo caption – Ellie

    Newcastle (May 2008)
    Guess the weight of the rat; there were 2 rats and thus two winners – Andy Duffy and Tracey Mallaby.

    Preston AGM (March 2008)
    Quiz – 'the Kitchen Crew'
    Rabbit naming - Melissa

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